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What is Tarot Card?

Tarot cards are similar in structure to playing cards except that they are much more like no two are alike and the symbols associated with them are deeply meaningful and spiritual. There’s a reason why it is believed that Tarot Cards contain hidden meanings that can surface as mere coincidences or as seemingly just random omens but if and when deciphered, these messages can provide their owner with an invaluable insight into their own personality and what the future may hold for them. Not to mention, such messages can also be used as mechanisms to access the wisdom and knowledge within ourselves.

Major Arcana

The 22 Major Arcana cards reflect the Karmic as spiritual lessons we learn throughout our lives. 

  • The Fool
  • The Magician
  • The High Priestess
  • The Empress
  • The Emperor
  • The Hierophant
  • Strength
  • The Hermit
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Justice
  • The Hanged Man
  • Death
  • Temperance
  • The Devil
  • The Tower
  • The Star
  • The Moon
  • The Sun
  • Judgement
  • The World

As we quest for deeper meaning and understanding, they illustrate the numerous stages we go through on our journey to spiritual self-consciousness. As a result, the major Arcana Cards contain lessons that are profoundly relevant on a soul level.

Minor Arcana is comprised of the remaining 56 cards of the Tarot Deck. These Minor Arcana cards exemplify everyday events and can help in giving more context, depth, and details to the Major Arcana Cards in a Tarot Reading. The Minor Arcana is further categorized into four different suits of 14 cards each.

  • The Suit of Cups
  • The Suit of Pentacles
  • The Suit of Swords
  • The Suit of Wands


Courses Available

Basic Courses [15 Days - 8500 Rs] with certified course.

  • Intro and History of Tarot.
  • Division of Cards.
  • The sequence of Cards.
  • Description of Cards Planets and Direction Element (five).
  • Major and Minor Tarot Card Meaning.
  • Tarot Spreads. 

Basic & Advance Course [14,999 Rs] Certified course for one month

  • Intro & History of Tarot Cards.
  • Division of Cards.
  • Types of Cards in Tarot.
  • The sequence of Cards.
  • Description of cards Planes and Direction.
  • Five Elements.
  • The Major Arcana and Minor Arcana Card Meanings.
  • How to Charge Cards & Tarot Attunement.
  • Initial preparation and protection.
  • Tarot Cards & Zodiac Sign.
  • How to read Tarot Cards and Different Spreads.
  • Time Prediction.
  • How yo frame questions.
  • Different remedies as per planets.(Vedic + Crystal) remedies.